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Vin Boutique brings the best wines to the best classes in Denver. Expert designed materials and tasting notes while tasting the best quality and varietally correct wines gives you the best Wine Experience there is. Our Restaurant Classes include 6 wines and accompanying light snacks, are 2 hours of expert instruction and held at some of the yummiest restaurants in Denver.

We've added some new topics to our great list of classes. Cooking with Wine and Crafting with Wine. To create your very own topic please contact us we love collaborating and adding wine makes everything better.

Wine 101 $80.00/person 

Easy to understand instruction and explanation all while tasting 6 incredible wines. How wine gets to your table is explained in an easy and fun tasting all while learning how to navigate a wine list and communicate your wine preferences. Delicious delights accompany the tasting highlighting concepts learned in the lecture. 

Wine and Food 101 $80.00/person 

How Wine and Food go together is a delicious treat in this class. 6 wines, 6 dishes, tasting notes and materials and 2 hours of instruction and guided tasting. Our expert Edited the textbook on Food & Wine pairing used at one of the top 5 schools in the US. Learn how wine goes with food, and food goes with wine at the best food and wine restaurants in town. Wine and food pairing is always an adventure and guided by our experts you will always be delighted by the suggestions. Each class is unique so never worry about taking the same class twice, food changes, wines change and topics get switched around to keep everything a fresh and unique experience. Our level 3 sommelier has stories to delight every time and as she travels often the stories are plentiful. Industry experts have been known to drop in to hone their own taste buds and add to their knowledge always delighting us with their insight.

French Wine 101 $80.00/person

French wine need not be complicated. Be guided through France by a French wine expert, and learn some terms en francais aussi, tasting and understanding the meaning of terroir, climats and the art of winemaking in France. Our experts are from France or travel to France several times a year to ensure you get the true experience of French wine.

Intro to Burgundy $100.00/person 

The 2 delights of Burgundy, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, taste the difference in terroir and learn about another Burgundy grape.

Wine vs Beer and Food Pairing 101 

Vin Boutique partners with our fabulous friends at River North Brewery to bring you the ins and outs of wine and beer tasting and pairing. A combo of 6 or so wines and beers to taste with the delights of the chef, tasting notes and materials, 2 hours of expert instruction.

Advanced Burgundy $140.00/person 

Montrachet, Corton, Chambolle-Musigny, in vintage or in vertical. Taste the three sides of Montrachet, Try Chambolle-Musigny in a vertical, Analyze terroir, our advanced offerings will delight the most discerning of Burgundy collectors.

Location TBD   coming soon

Intro to Rhone $100.00 

Grenache and Syrah in the red, Viognier in the whites, be delighted by the wines of the Rhone Valley, luscious and full and taste your way through the Rhone Valley down to the Cotes de Ventoux.

Intro to Bordeaux $100.00/person 

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, the cousins of Bordeaux and Sauvignon Blanc their delightful white counterpart. The magic of Bordeaux is unveiled with accompanying snacks.

Bubbles $120.00/person

Champagnes that will delight you and other bubbles that will make you oooh. Our level 3 sommelier is a bubble addict and searches the world for the best bubbles of all. Come gab away about all that makes bubbles fabulous whether from Champagne or beyond.

Blind Tasting $200.00/person

Ever wanted to sniff that glass and rattle off French and winemaking terms like an expert? 

Our Expert studied for her Level 3 Sommelier exam by only drinking French wine for a year. Hone your palate with her specially selected wines, all varietally correct and perfect examples of what wine should taste like. Every Wine Expert in town agrees that Vin Boutique’s wines are the best in taste and quality. Passionate Artisans create these incredible and delicious and most importantly varietally correct wines that will take you on a journey of love and passion.
Learn to Blind Taste with our expert, the blind tasting “technique” and the building blocks to know what’s in your glass without reading the bottle. Elevate your palate and astound your friends by learning to discern varietal, country, year, production techniques, even the age of the vines, our expert will assure you that all of the wines were bottled on fruit day, and you’ll learn what that means too.
A selection of varietally correct Reds and Whites will be introduced with a Blind Taste Test at the end. A light snack will be served at the beginning of class. There will be a delightful menu offer for after the class paired with the wines tasted in the class by reservation and for an additional cost which varies by location.

Continue your palate education with your Passport to Taste valid for 6 months, allowing you our classes for half price or reserve a taste spot (no food) for $20 at any class on our schedule for a taste test of each wine to test your palate.

Location TBD 

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